Termites can be one of the more annoying pests on account of the substantial (and costly) destruction they may contribute to. Termites can be gurus at keeping hidden and quietly shredding your home apart. They feast on vegetation material that are cellulose-based and it’s unpleasant that almost every single property contains this cuisine for termites.

Regrettably, there are more threats in relation to termites rather than just for the structure. Termites have also been known to damage foundations, household furniture, books, and more. Even though termite workers are fairly little in size, the volume of problems they will cause is way bigger.

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Tampa Termite Defense & Prevention Steps

It is possible to prevent termites with the effective defense and prevention methods, such as eradicating dampness and prospective food resources for termites. We’ve listed the following suggestions for ensuring the best possible termite security for your property:

  • Leaks from water pipes, faucets, as well as air conditioning units should be resolved.
  • Keeping the rain gutters clean frequently can defend against attracting undesirable termites.
  • Make sure that water is redirected away from the foundation during rainfall.
  • Eradicate any excess compost or coverings you may have situated close to the house’s exterior.
  • Routinely check the roof to make sure water puddles aren’t collecting.
  • Vents usually go unchecked and need to remain totally free of blockage so check these now and again.
  • Close all potential entry points within the plumbing to stop unwanted pests from obtaining admittance indoors.
  • Add screens on all external vents that don’t currently have one.
  • Do away with any wood particles surrounding the property’s outer walls.
  • Termite devastation is commonly visible on fences and porches around the property or home so look at these routinely for any evidence.
  • Remove any firewood, papers, and timber from near the foundation and your crawl space.

Termite Signs in Tampa

You can detect a termite issue early if you realize things to look for. Winged insects swarming the house, tunnels and tubes made of mud on the exterior walls of your property, termite fecal material, hollow wood, and shed wings near your windows and doors.

If you aren’t exactly positive that active termites are currently on your property or you simply want to ask about protecting your structure from termites, just give Pest Control of Tampa, FL a ring at (813) 518-7914 right away! We can easily help you get scheduled for a termite assessment or a treatment if you have already revealed active termites.