Finding out you have fleas in your home can be a bit devastating. Doing something about it to regulate and remove them instantly is important to finding fast relief. Give us a call today and our specialists will happily aid you!

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Our flea control Tampa specialists can help you find relief from these pesky invaders!

Fleas are very little and while they do not have wings, they can promptly jump from host to host. They are typically as much as two and a half millimeters long. They are reddish brown and glossy, with really small hairs compressed to make movement through fur much easier. If you were to look very carefully you would see the really small hairs all over their body in addition to their unique mouth parts that allow them to feed. A flea will feast upon its host (person or animal) and flea larvae will certainly consume organic matter, including flea feces till it matures.

Fleas do not attach eggs on a host, but this indicates they are attaching them to items in areas of your house such as the carpeting, rugs, furniture, etc. It does not take long for the eggs to hatch, generally just a couple of days.

Fleas in Tampa, Florida

Fleas do pass by people as their option of hosts and will certainly have a hard time sustaining a decent population if human beings are their only host choice. It’s when you have animals that an invasion has more possibility of occurring and lasting till they’ve been addressed. In addition to your pets, you could discover fleas in your lawn that might have came from other animal hosts including squirrels, deer, bunnies, mice and other animals.

How Tampa Flea Infestations Start

Females fleas do not attach their eggs to a host, nevertheless it does not mean they won’t lay their eggs on a host. When this happens, the eggs will eventually fall from the host and onto the surface below. In just twelve days the eggs begin hatching out. Flea larvae feasts upon natural material till they are older and will certainly also stay clear of light. The pupal stage arrives within eighteen days and is when they seem cocooned. Properties that have domestic pets or even livestock are at greater danger for a flea problem at some point in time. Depending on the intensity of an invasion it can take numerous treatments to fully get rid of all of the fleas and your animals have to be treated at the same time your home is dealt with, if not previously.

You can quickly examine your property to identify if a flea concern exists. Particular things to watch for that generally display flea activity consists of animals who scratch continuously or seem to groom themselves more than usual. The majority of pet owners discover fleas on their animals promptly and all it takes is a fast, comprehensive evaluation of your animal’s fur.

Unfortunately, your pets are not the only ones who could be affected by fleas if found in the house. If you are also discovering bites that are itchy and irritating your skin, there is likely an invasion present in your home. However, fleas aren’t the only insects that can cause red, itchy bites. Your physician or a little studying could help you determine if it’s in fact fleas that are eating you up.

When analyzing your animals look for any flea dirt; flea feces that has the appearance of ground pepper or dirt. You’ll likely discover flea dirt on your animal, but it could also be found on your pet’s bedding, the rugs and carpets or other locations your pets frequently sleep or rest.

Tampa Flea Control

As pointed out above, your animal will certainly need to be treated if fleas exist in your house. While this alone will not get rid of the trouble, it will certainly help your animal gain relief from the itching and pain caused by the fleas in their fur. Your home’s interior and outside will certainly have to be addressed if you wish to completely remove the flea populace. You’ll want to keep an eye on your animal to ensure the medication (collar, drops, and so on) is working effectively and in the future look over them regularly to prevent another infestation.

Treating Tampa Fleas

If you require professional options to exterminate the fleas on your home, there are a couple of things you can do to assist the pest control man.

  • Vacuum your flooring completely.
  • Sweep and mop all floors prior to the technician’s arrival.
  • Clear your floor and walkways of particles and wash your pet’s bed linen along with your very own and any fabrics in the rest of the house.

Ensuring you finish these easy tasks will certainly assist your pest control man significantly. We focus on the ravaged areas (normally a pets bed linens, living room, and so on) and when completed, we will provide valuable information for securing your home from flea attacks in the future. Call Pest Control of Tampa, FL today at (813) 518-7914 to see how our Tampa flea solutions work.