Are ants starting to make their presence well-known on your property? If you have actually attempted, unsuccessfully, to remove the ants on your own, we are here to help you and supply the relief you desire.

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Don’t let the ants invade your property; call our ant control Tampa experts now to learn more!

Ants in Tampa, Florida

It’s usually rather tough to regulate ants, which most of us are likely already knowledgeable about from dealing with an ant problem at some point.

Luckily, all it typically requires is determining the kind of ant in order to effectively address it; not every ant treatment will be suitable for all types of ants.

Determine the Access Areas

Lots of people are not fortunate when it concerns determining where ants are getting inside the property and this is since they only need the smallest of openings to access inside your home. Once they discover their way inside your home they will seek food, especially sweet or greasy, therefore they commonly wind up in the cooking area or other locations where meals are prepared or kept.

More About Ant Paths

In case you weren’t already aware, ants actually leave scent tracks as they travel, leaving behind an invisible chemical substance that permits other ants to follow along the path also. As soon as they find a food source they are able to discover their way back and the other ants can discover their way to the supply of food.

Colonies/Nests of Tampa Ants

Ants are not really that fussy about exactly where their colony is produced, provided that it can not be very easily disrupted.

Colonies will usually have as many as 300,000 ants, or more, in just one colony. Should the ants believe a threat is upon them they can fairly rapidly, and easily, relocate. Worker ants can survive roughly 7 years and queens can make it through as much as 15 years.

Tampa Ant Remedies

If you currently have ants invading your area you have probably been using an over the counter solution or possibly you have taken a more ‘natural’ strategy to combating the unwanted pests. Regrettably, these do not constantly work, eliminating just the ants you happen to see and not targeting the many still hidden close by. In addition, some items only deal with particular kinds of ants, so if you’re utilizing the incorrect treatment you likely will not accomplish the results you hoped for.

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